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To keep your property in perspective we use longer focal length lenses. This stops the building "laying over" at the sides - a problem encountered with our pole-mounted units or radio controlled models using wide lenses.

Because the poles and model aircraft need to remain close to the job we have to use a wide lens on the camera. This neally always causes distortion of the image. In some cases the distorsion is acceptable - cost Vs quality - if distortion is a problem for you we simply use a real aeroplane!

Keeping it all in perspective…

Real Aircraft
One of the major advantages to using longer focal length lenses from a real aircraft is to keep your building in perspective - by this we mean keeping the walls vertical - and not have the building 'lean outwards' or "lean away" from you.

The other advantage is that we get a whole lot more detail - and appear a whole lot closer to your building - than we actually are.

Radio Controlled Models
Our radio controlled helicopters are ideal for the larger property in residential areas - where we can't really get back far enough with the telescopic pole to get an image that isn't distorted at the edges; yet don't want to go to the trouble of using a real aircraft.

Pole Mounted Cameras
Our pole mounted units are ideal for that shot that needs to just clear the hedge or fence, yet doesn't need to be much higher than the roof line (although it will extend much further). We need to be able to get back a reasonable distance from the property or building to prevent distortion of the finished image.

Keep in mind the height - distance ratio. The bigger the area to be photographed, the further back you need to be, or the wider the lens needs to be on the camera. A simple rule of thumb is "the wider the lens - the more the distortion"

The beauty of this is that in most cases we can select the right piece of equipment to suit your job, and the price doesn't vary; even if we need a real aircraft (no, sorry... we can't fly around your garden at 200 feet...)

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